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Multiculturalism is Important to know


As an archipelagic country, Indonesia has wide range or cultures. Because of the difference that, Indonesia has the motto “Unity in Diversity” which means “difference but still one”. Not only limited to Indonesia as a developing country that has a variety of cultures. Developed countries also have it. The many differences in each country convince us the importance of cultural differences or commontly referred to as multiculturalism. Spesifically, the meaning of multiculturalism is an ideology that recognizes and glorifies differences in equality, both individually and culturally (Fay 1996; Jary and Jary 1991; Watson 2000).
Awareness of multiculturalism in the United States begun on the conflict between the majority (white skin) to minorities (black skin) in 1950. In 1960, minorities have been able to get their rights thanks to his efforts. In 1970 suffered a variety of related problems because of cultural differences. Finally all the problems can be solved through multicultural education in various educational institutions. Multiculturalism in United States has been so visible because it established the federal level. Multiculturalism is not only formed because of the diversity of cultures that exist. But also emphasized the diversity in equality. Freedom is on hold in full in United States both freedom or religion, opinion, freedom of dress, even sexsual freedom. This is very contrary to the nation of Indonesia.
Indonesia was established on diversity will not quite know the full meaning of multiculturalism. Indonesia very understand about religious tolerance and freedom of opinion. In fact, every culture and customs is recognized by all citizens of Indonesia. But once again that the meaning of multiculuralism in Indonesia is not emphasized on equality s much noise and various conflicts coused by differences in race, class, even religion.
The violence occurs due to differences make my heart to do something. No distinction should be resolved with violence. It is undeniable that there are definitely differences in life the culture of Indonesia and United States also have differences and those differences could be learning and input without changing the identity of the nation. Small activities such as multicultural education must be applied at an early age to make people aware of the importance of multiculturalism. This education can be given to students of primary school, secondary, and college. Multiculturalism education should always be given every education level. Remember that the concept of multicuturalism cann’t be equated with the concept of the ethnic or cutural diversity that characterize ethnic prular society, because multiculturaism emphasizes cultural diversity in equaity.
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