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The development of a nation can be seen from how great the quality of education in it self country. As a developing country, Indonesia needs a little renovation education system. Education must bring and produce a positive image, but sometimes can causes of conflict and negativity. If we talk about education is very wide-ranging. Health sciences, natural sciences and social sciences including education which sometimes make to conflict. We can take a small example in which a health professional each other down when in the world of work. Each other no visible authority cooperation and interpret what they have in the health sphere. For example, a nurse in Kutai, East Kalimantan, named Misran prisoner was dragged to a chair and eventually found guilty of providing prescription drugs to the community. In fact, according to Law 36/2009 on Health was mentioned only doctors who are eligible to hard drugs. (Tribunnews.com - Thursday, May 6, 2010 18:53 pm) The problems started from role ambiguity, lack of communication, and most importantly, do not get the course interprofessional education (IPE) while on campus. In this paper will discuss what it is and the importance of interprofessional education (IPE) in the field of education.
IPE is not a new concept initiated. The professors and health practitioners must have heard the concept of IPE. Actually there are many understanding about  IPE. According to The World Health Organization (WHO), IPE is “the process by which a group of students or workers from the health-related occupations with different backgrounds learn together during certain periods of their education, with interaction as the important goal, to collaborate in providing promotive, preventive, curative, rehabilitative, and other health-related services.” (WHO, 1988). In the United Kingdom, IPE is being used as a vehicle to drive health care-related policy goals. For example, there is a plan within National Health Service (NHS) in the Department of Health (DOH) that is requesting the creation of a single program for all health care professionals (Departement of Health, 2000). The goal of the program is to lay a foundation to provide students and staff with the resources they need to be able to change career paths with ease. This initiative will also promote collaboration, team work, and creation of new working atmospheres. We can get poin from many understanding about IPE that IPE is the cooperation between the various professions education.
We must mirror to the other nations we need to do to make better health education. University of Minnesota and University of Toronto has implemented a system of IPE in the education system. University in both the health of all learners should be competent in collaborating at the time they graduate. The application of this started in early 2009. The componen of curriculum IPE in both of University are:
University of Minnesota
University of Toronto
􀂃 Patient Centered Focus
􀂃 Establishment of a Common Goal
􀂃 Understanding of Other Members' Roles
􀂃 Confidence in Other Team Members
􀂃 Flexibility in Roles
􀂃 Joint Understanding of Group Norms
􀂃 Mechanism for Conflict Resolution
􀂃 Development of Effective Communications
􀂃 Shared Responsibility for Team Actions
􀂃 Evaluation and "Feedback"
􀂃 roles of other health professionals
􀂃 communicating with others and reflecting upon my
role and others
􀂃 mutual respect
􀂃 willingness to collaborate
􀂃 openness to trust

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The conclusion is as a developing country and to reach the goal MDGs, healthy communities, healthy indonesia, and many more. We must apply IPE in our education system especially in health education system. There are three point to realize and to implement IPE. First, definition of IPE should be complete and clear so that no overlap between the health professions. Second, IPE must consist of some special purpose that is easily understood by students. Third, one set of core competencies should exist, regardless of discipline and geographic location. My action plan is do campaign about IPE and all health faculty must be combined in each University.

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